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Canus Goats Milk All Natural Skin Care Products Review

Canus All Natural Skin Care Products with Fresh Goats Milk, Olive Oil and Wheat Protein Review

I first came across the Canus brand of products when I visited a beach town in New Jersey called Ocean Grove. Yes, I’ve been to The Jersey Shore, but if you are wondering, I did not see Snookie! Anyway, as I wandered from store to store, I found the Canus brand of all natural lotions and soaps. I don’t know about you, but if a store has samples for you to try, I’m one of those people that has to smell and sample everything.

Canus Goats Milk All Natural Skin Care ProductsI fell in love with the sweet little picture of the goat on all of the labels. But, honestly, the real reason I was drawn to the product was because the label stated it is a natural product line that is free of parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, phosphates, and gluten. Having sensitive skin, I was instantly intrigued. I started sniffing all the different scents they had and found one that I liked because, of course, it had olive oil in the ingredients. I decided to try the hand lotion since olive oil has great moisturizing and skin benefits. My skin quickly absorbed the lightweight and creamy lotion and didn’t leave my hands greasy (I hate that!). It also plumped up and smoothed out my skin and left my hands feeling very soft. I didn’t buy anything that day because I figured I could just buy it when I returned home. Come to find out, the Canus all natural products are hard to find. So, I did what any resourceful girl would do…visit Amazon.com! Voilà! There it is!

I decided to buy the Canus Olive Oil and Wheat Protein Travel Size Gift Set which contains five products: Moisturizing Lotion, Body Butter, Moisturizing Body Wash, Rich Moisturizing Pure Vegetable Oil Soap, and Lip Balm. The travel set products come in 2 oz. tubes so they are approved to take on airplanes. The full size versions of the lotion and body wash come in containers that look like old fashioned milk bottles, cute huh? Here’s what Canus says about the olive oil and wheat protein products I’m about to try:

“Fresh goats milk has long been used as a skin moisturizer. Naturally rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, fresh goats milk is Mother Nature’s greatest contribution to health and beauty. It contains capric and caprylic acids which reduce the alkalinity found in many skin care products. We added Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil and Wheat Protein, known for their antioxidant, moisturizing, conditioning, protective and nourishing properties. Plant lipids such as Olive Oil can be very helpful in hydrating and keeping skin from feeling dry and uncomfortable. Olive oil is recognized for its anti-aging properties. It’s gentle, effective and 100% goat approved. Free of gluten, phosphates, parabens, phthalates & SLS. Dermatologist tested & recommended.”

Who wouldn’t want to try? The first product on the testing table is the Moisturizing Body Wash. In the shower I go…

Canus Moisturizing Body Wash with Olive Oil & Wheat Protein

The first thing I noticed is the scent. It is very light and non-offending. It’s a soft scent, I would describe as powdery and a little more feminine than not. I pour a little on my body pouf and start my routine. It lathers pretty well, but I have to add a little more to get the sudsing action I like. It rinses off clean and it feels like I have a layer of silky smoothness over my skin. Water seems to slide off my body seamlessly. I feel softer all ready! I towel dry off and run my hands over my arms and I have to say, after just one use, my body is noticeably softer. Seriously! I take a sniff of my arm to see if I can smell the fragrance. Again, it’s very faint and not overpowering. I like the fact that you can barely smell the scent because it allows you to apply your favorite scented body lotion or perfume without clashing. My decision?  I will definitely be buying the full size version!

Canus Moisturizing Lotion with Olive Oil & Wheat Protein

The moisturizing lotion has the same scent as the rest of the product line, very light and soft. I pour a small portion into my palm and slather away. The first thing I notice is the texture of the lotion. Again, it’s very light and soaks into my skin very quickly. I wait until it completely penetrates into my skin, then run my hands up and down my arms. My skin doesn’t feel weighed down by a heavy layer of messy, greasy goop. Instead, I barely feel the lotion is there. I just feel the softness of my skin. This is a great lotion for the summertime. You can layer your sunscreen on top of this lotion and not feel like a sticky mess! I grab my sunscreen and apply it over the lotion and notice that it glides on much easier than usual, another plus! Now I feel that my skin is getting the protective benefits from the antioxidants in the olive oil and is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Double protection, Yeah! Again, I will be buying the full size version.

Canus Rich Moisturizing Soap with Olive Oil & Wheat Protein

Okay, I have to admit I’m not a soap girl. I haven’t found a bar of soap that doesn’t feel like a layer of film has been left behind on my skin.  And for some reason, soap always slips from my grip, falling to the floor. But, being the trooper I am, I’ll try the bar soap. I take it out of the box and the scent is the same as the rest of the product line. I step into the shower and lather up. First thing I immediately notice is the soap has great sudsing action! It also has a creamy texture so it doesn’t drag along my skin. Instead, it easily glides where I guide it. I rinse away the suds and surprisingly don’t feel that sticky film I usually correlate with most bar soaps. I grab a towel, dry off, and run my hands up and down my arms. All I feel is super soft skin. The scent, again, is so light that it won’t interfere with any other scents you wish to wear.  I’ll definitely keep a few bars of soap by my sink for washing hands and in my guest bath, but I have to say, I prefer the body wash for the shower.

Canus Body Butter with Olive Oil & Wheat Protein

Living in a warmer climate, I usually don’t wear much body butter because it’s too thick and heavy. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is when your skin is so greasy that you leave your body prints behind everywhere you go. You know what I mean – the leg prints on your car seats, the arm prints on the table. But again, I’ll be a good sport and try it on in the heated month of June.

The body butter comes in a canister style container with a screw top lid. I open the jar and take a sniff. I notice that the scent is actually even lighter than the rest of the products. The butter is very thick. I scoop a small amount out with my fingertips and apply it on my hands and arms, not forgetting my elbows. It glides on nicely and absorbs completely within a few minutes. My skin feels moisturized and soft, but surprisingly not greasy! My palms are a little slick, as expected, but I simply rub them into another dry area of my body to rid my hands of any excess product.  I tend to wash my hands frequently throughout the day so my skin gets really dry. I’ve been applying the body butter after I wash my hands and I’ve noticed that my skin repels the water. It’s like the butter coats my hands with a protective barrier to help prevent moisture loss. I apply it to my hands after I do the dishes at night and let it soak in while I sleep. When I awake, my hands are extra soft!

Canus Goats Milk Lip Balm – Petroleum Free

I wasn’t going to include this in my reviews because the packaging was a different color (red vs. green) and didn’t specify that it was part of the Olive Oil & Wheat Protein line. However, after reading the ingredients, I found that organic virgin olive oil is listed as the first ingredient! Plus, the advertising slogan for this product made me laugh out loud. It read; “Ever wonder why a goats lips are so soft?” That in itself made me want to try it!

I take off the cap and the first thing I notice is a light spearmint scent. I apply the lip balm and it glides across my  parched lips with ease. It’s not dry and waxy, but rather slick and extremely moisturizing. My lips plump with pleasure as the balm soaks in and takes away all signs of dryness. The little fine lines that lipsticks seem to settle in are gone. My lips look and feel smooth and years younger. I will definitely be adding this to my nighttime regime and slathering it to my lips before I go to bed. I have to say, the scent may take a little getting used to. It’s unique because of all the essential oils from herbs such as hemp seed, cannabis sativa seed, rosemary leaf, comfrey leaf, and calendula flower, but the smell dissipates quickly.

Final Word

Overall, I really like the Canus All Natural Skin Care line of products and I would recommend them for you to try. They are great everyday products available at a reasonable price. You can start with one or try all five!