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California’s New Olive Oil Standards

California’s New Olive Oil Standards

Effective September 26, 2014, California will be the first state in the nation to adopt new quality and labeling standards for olive oil produced in the golden state. The new guidelines will affect growers that produce at least 5,000 gallons of olive oil per year, holding them accountable to the stringent limit of free fatty acids and negative attributes found in the oil they produce.

The purpose of the new standards set by the Olive Oil Commission of California, is to distinguish authentic extra virgin olive oils produced in California from others that simply label theirs as such and eliminate terms such as “light” or “pure”, which can cause consumer confusion. Senator Lois Wolk, (D-Davis) Chair of Senate Agriculture Subcommittee on Olive Oil Production and Emerging Products, stated “These new standards will clearly communicate to consumers the quality and authenticity of product being produced in California.”

California is leading the way in making changes in the olive oil industry to ensure that olive oil produced, bottled, and labeled as “extra virgin” is truly 100% extra virgin olive oil.

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