california olive oil slide

California Olive Oil Council’s 2016 Competition Winners

Best California Olive Oils of the 2015 Growing Season.

Best of Show

Dogtown Orchards – Dogtown Olive Oil (Small Producer)
Olive Fantastic – Ascolano (Medium Producer)
Pacific Sun – Proprietor’s Select (Large Producer)

Miller Recognition

Miller John Eudy: Dogtown Orchards – Dogtown Olive Oil (Small Producer)
Miller Lewis Johnson: Olive Fantastic – Ascolano (Medium Producer)
Miller Pablo Voitzuk: Pacific Sun – Proprietor’s Select (Large Producer)

Gold Medal Winners

43 Ranch—Picual
43 Ranch—Helen’s Blend
Belle Vue Olive Oil
Capay Gold—Picudo
Capay Gold —Hojiblanca
Chacewater—Tuscan Blend
Ciarlo Fruit and Nut—The ‘Hood
Cobram Estate—Ascolano
Cobram Estate—Picual
Coldani Olive Ranch—Calivirgin Premium
Dogtown Orchards—Dogtown Olive Oil
ENZO—Bold (Ranch 11)
ENZO—Bold (Ranch 20)
ENZO—Delicate (Ranch 11)
ENZO—Delicate (Ranch 20)
Estate Olive—Arbosana
Grumpy Goats Farm—Picual
Jack Rabbit—Relaxed Blend
Jack Rabbit—Lively Blend
Long Meadow Ranch—Napa Valley Select
Mangini Ranch—Manzanillo
Mangini Ranch—Mission
Milagros Olive Oil
MoonShadow Grove—Ascolano
Olive Fantastic—Ascolano
Olive Fantastic—Robust Blend
Olive Press—Picual
Olive Press—Sevillano
Pacific Sun—Tehama Blend
Pacific Sun—Tuscan Blend
Pacific Sun—Proprietor’s Select
Pasolivo—Pasolivo EVOO
Pepper Oaks—Arbosana
Rancho el Molino
Rosenthal Olive Ranch—Koroneiki
Round Pond—Italian Varietal
San Paulo Olive Farm
Templeton Olive Oil—Arbequina
Tozier Ranch—Mission
Tozier Ranch—Manzanillo
Winter Creek—Ruscello d Inverno

Silver Medal Winners

11 Olives—Longevity
Bari—Arbequina (Organic)
Boccabella—Field Blend
Calabrese—Tuscan Blend
California Gold—Estate Coratina
Capay Gold—Picual
Capay Valley Ranches—Arbequina
Cobram Estate—Mission
Coldani Olive Ranch—Lodi Olive Oil Frantoio
California Olive Ranch—Miller’s Blend
California Olive Ranch—Arbosana
California Olive Ranch—Arbequina
Corto Olive Co.—Arbosana
Corto Olive Co.—Arbequina
D’Oliva Olive Oil—D’Oliva Olive Oil
Dutch Henry
Egan Vineyards
ENZO—Medium (Ranch 11)
ENZO—Medium (Ranch 20)
Estate Olive—Arbequina
Frantoio Grove
Grumpy Goats Farm—Coratina
Il Fiorello—Leccino
Jovia Groves —Arbequina
Kiler Ridge—Tuscan
La Ferme Soleil
Long Meadow Ranch—Prato Lungo
Midcity Investments
MoonShadow Grove—Mission
MoonShadow Grove—Miscela
MoonShadow Grove—Manzanillo
O Olive Oil—CA EVOO
Ojai Olive Oil—Tuscan
Ojai Olive Oil—Provencale
Ojai Olive Oil—Andalucian
Old Chatham Ranch
Olio Nuevo—Reserve Blend
Olive Fantastic—Koroneiki
Olive Fantastic—Arbequina
Olive Press—Arbequina
Olive Press—Arbosana
Olive Press—Italian Blend
Olive Press—Koroneiki
Olive Press—Manzanillo
Olive Press—Mission
Oliveto del Vecchio—Mediterranean Blend
Oliveto Ranch—Mission
Oliveto Ranch—Tuscan
Organic Roots—Arbosana
Organic Roots—Koroneiki
Organic Roots—Miller’s Blend
Pacific Sun—Organic Blend
Pacific Sun—Eva’s Blend
Pasolivo—Artisan Blend
Pasolivo—Kitchen Blend
Pasolivo—California Blend
Pepper Oaks—Arbequina
Rancho Azul y Oro—Estate Blend
Round Pond—Spanish Varietal
San Miguel Olive Farm—Tuscan Nectar of the Gods
San Miguel Olive Farm—Tuscan Pristine
San Miguel Olive Farm—Tuscan Gold
Séka Hills—Premium Arbequina
Silverado Summers
Spanish Oaks Ranch—Arbequina
Tres Osos—Robusto
Tyler Florence’s Test Kitchen EVOO
Winter Creek—Winter Creek

Packaging & Judging Competition Winners

Awards were presented to producers with a single oil and with a series of oils in the following categories:

California Classic: addresses the history and traditions of California agriculture through meaningful images and text

Single California Classic: La Panza Ranch
Series California Classic: California Olive Ranch

Creative Innovation: communicates a strong message through a design that is both interpretive and original

Single Creative Innovation: Grove 45
Series Creative Innovation: Pasolivo

Storytelling: focuses on sharing experience through a design and narrative that is compelling and evocative

Single Storytelling: Ciarlo Fruit & Nut
Series Storytelling: ENZO Olive Oil