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California Olive Oil Council’s 2014 Competition Winners

Best California Olive Oils of the 2013 Growing Season.

Best California Olive Oils of 2013Best of Show

Rancho El Molino (Small Producer)
Ojai Olive Oil – Signature (Medium Producer)
Lucero – Manzanillo (Large Producer)

Miller Recognition

Miller David Olander: Rancho El Molino (Small Producer)
Miller Philip Asquith: Ojai Olive Oil – Signature (Medium Producer)
Miller Larry Treat: Lucero –  (Large Producer)

Gold Medal Winners

11 Olives – Longevity
Bari – Robust
Bava Family Grove
Belle Vue
California Gold – Country Blend
California Gold – Estate Arbequina
CA Olive Ranch – Miller’s Blend
CA Olive Ranch – Miller’s Choice
Calivirgin – Frantoio
Clif Family Winery – Gary & Kit’s
Fandango -Elegante
First Fresh
Grumpy Goats – Picual
Lone Oak Olive Oil
Lucero – Anthony’s Blend
Lucero – Ascolano
Lucero – Corning Blend

Lucero – Manzanillo
Lucero – Tehama Blend
Massiglia – Unfiltered
MoonShadow Grove – Ascolano
Ojai Olive Oil – Andalucian
Ojai Olive Oil – Signature
Old Chatham Ranch
Pacific Sun – Proprietor’s Select
Pacific Sun – Tehama County Blend
Pepper Oaks Farm – Koroneiki
Rancho El Molino
Rosenthal Olive Ranch – Koroneiki
Ruscello d Inverno
The Olive Press – Koroneiki
The Olive Press – Picual
The Olive Press – Sevillano
Tomorrow’s Harvest – Estate Blend

Silver Medal Winners

Alpha Wolf Ranch
Apollo Olive Oil – Barouni
Apollo Olive Oil – Frantoio
Apollo Olive Oil – Mistral
Apollo Olive Oil – Sierra
Berkeley Olive Grove – Classic
Burroughs Family Farms
California Gold – Estate Blend
California Gold – Favalosa
California Olive Ranch – Arbequina
California Olive Ranch – Arbosana
California Olive Ranch – Koroneiki
Calivirgin – Arbequina
Chacewater- Favalosa
Chacewater – Tuscan Blend
Ciarlo Estate
D’Oliva Olive Oil
Enzo Organic – Delicate
Enzo Organic – Medium
Enzo Organic – Bold
Fandango – Fiesta
Frantoio Grove
Gallo Family
Grumpy Goats – Coratina
Longview Ranch – Picual

Lucero – Miller’s Blend
Lucero – Sevillano
Massiglia – Arbequina
Massiglia – Filtered
MoonShadow Grove – Manzanillo
MoonShadow Grove – Miscela Blend
MoonShadow Grove – Mission
Ojai Olive Oil – Provençale
Ojai Olive Oil – Tuscan
Olive Pit – Anna’s Oil
Oliveto Ranch – Tuscan Blend
Owen’s Creek – Sicilian
Pacific Sun – Eva’s Blend
Pacific Sun – Organic Blend
Pacific Sun – Riverview Ranch
Pasolivo – California Blend
Petroni Vineyards
Red Rock Olive Oil – Red Label
Rosenthal Olive Ranch – Arbosana
San Paulo Olive Farm
Tallgrass Ranch
Templeton Olive Oil – Arbequina
The Olive Press – Arbequina
Tomorrow’s Harvest – Arbequina
Tomorrow’s Harvest – Arbosana
Tomorrow’s Harvest – Koroneiki

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